BFFI 2014

BFFI 2014. That was the weekend that was.

BFFI is always one of the highlights of the fly fishing and fly tying year, has been for a lot of years. By far the biggest and best show in Britain it’s been a great honour to have been invited to demonstrate at it for the last couple of years.

Along with the great fly tyers on tyers row the trade stands often have new materials and great tyers of their own to demonstrate them…. every year I come home having learned something new or improved in some way. It really is the show with something for everyone.

My table neighbours for this year, Peter McCallum and Keith Wallington. Great tyers and really nice guys to spend a weekend tying beside.

Peter McCallum BFFI 2014
bffi 02
Keith Wallington BFFI 2014

Some of the other tyers it was my great pleasure to be in the company of. Quite humbling when you see the quality of flies these folk are tying.

bffi 2014 03
John Green, Ad Hoogenboezem. BFFI 2014.

Great tyer and one of my Semperfli pro team partners.

Jerry Lee BFFI 2014
Jerry Lee BFFI 2014

Another great tyer, one I love to watch tying.

bffi 2014 05
Brian Burnett BFFI 2014

More fly dressing talent.

bffi 2014 06
Scott Kane, Nik Dahlin BFFI 2014.

bffi 2014 07
Whole row of great talent. BFFI 2014

bffi 2014 08
Johan Klingberg BFFI 2014

Probably my favourite tyer at this years event, his wet flies are genuine things of beauty.

bffi 2014 09
Patrick Del Fatti BFFI 2014

Some of Northern Irelands finest.

bffi 2014 10
Dean Armstrong, Ryan Houston BFFI 2014

And a couple of the finest from the Netherlands.

bffi 2014 11
Andre Miegies BFFI 2014

bffi 2014 12
Riny Sluiter, Chris Reed BFFI 2014

The Welsh quarter.

bffi 2014 13
Gareth Lewis, Ilan Evans, Dai Jones, Sean Jones BFFI 2014

So many other fantastic tyers I didn’t get pictures of… too many tyers too little time :-)

I have to give a huge thank you to Bridgette, Steve and the rest of the team not only for inviting me into the BFFI family… and then inviting me back 😀 but also for looking after all the tyers so well over the weekend

It was a great weekend, I hope to see you all next year again

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